Here are some our scouting wellness projects:


GS Wellness Policy to Practice

The GS Wellness Policy to Practice is a two-year project in conjunction with the Kansas Health Foundation. Our wellness team worked within the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri council in order to help troop leaders set and work towards achieving wellness goals in five categories of health promotion.

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Girl scouts at the K-State pan-crc

We've enjoyed working with scouts and troop leaders so much that we decided to start our own troop at Kansas State University's Physical Activity and Nutrition Clinical Research Consortium!

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Healthier troops in a snap!

Healthier Troops in a SNAP (Scouting Nutrition & Activity Program) was a multi-level community and family-based program that was designed to promote health and reduce obesity in Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors, as well as their families. In 2013, this program went through the process to become a National Cancer Institute Research-Tested Intervention Program for promoting physical activity in Girl Scouts.

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Enhanced Health Promotion in Girl Scouts through Video-Based Leader Wellness Training

The goal of this project is to test an intervention that is meant to develop Girl Scout leaders as positive wellness role models and improve girls’ opportunities for physical activity and healthful snacking within the Girl Scout setting. The proposed project will evaluate the impact of a video-based Girl Scout leader wellness training on the capacity of leaders to provide healthful, positive experiences for girls, and evaluate the impact on healthful opportunities of troop meetings and events.

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