PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 5

Eating for Beauty...Round 2!

Well, our fifth GS meeting was last night! It was nice to see all the girls again after a relaxing Spring Break. As you may remember, our troop is working towards their 'Eating for Beauty' badge and yesterday was the second of three meetings focusing on the badge requirements. Also, last night's meeting was a bit different than our usual schedule. We decided to change things up a bit and take advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having in Manhattan. Here is what we did in our meeting:

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~5-10 minutes before meeting began): Brooke, Colby, and I headed outdoors pretty early last night and met the girls outside. Prior to the meeting, most girls enjoyed dancing and catching up with each other following the break. Also, a few brave girls did some pretty awesome cartwheels while we waited for others to arrive. 

- Physical Activity (~15 minutes): To change things up, we decided to start our meeting entirely outside and that began with doing our physical activity! First, we played a fun game that Dr. Rosenkranz taught us at one of our lab meetings. Think 'Symon Says' - but a bit more fun. Next, we had a 'walk and talk'. For the 'walk and talk', we had the girls get into pairs with another scout (one who they don't often talk to, or work with). Then, we went on a short walk and had them talk with their partner. This is a great way to incorporate sharing time and physical activity into meetings!

- Opening (~2 minutes): After our physical activity, we walked back upstairs to the lab and quickly recited the Girl Scout Law & Promise. 

- Girl Scout Activity (~30 minutes): Next came the biggest portion of our meeting: working on the Eating for Beauty badge requirements. Last night, we decided to do 3 of the 5 requirements for the badge. In order to do so, we first splint into two small groups by age. Then, we had the girls do their own research on the topics of the night. The older group's responsibilities were to research ways in which our diet and what we eat can affect our stress levels, and sleeping patterns. The younger group's responsibility was to find ways that nutrition can affect our skin. Brooke and I thought having the girls do their own research would be a good way to make the meeting more 'Girl Led'. After all their research was done, we all got together and had both groups present their findings to the whole troop. At the end of the presentations, Colby asked a great question to the girls about what type of foods did every topic mention. The answer? FRUITS & VEGETABLES! 

However, the best part about working with my group - was how many ways we tried to pronounce the word, tryptophan. :-)

- Healthy Snack Preparation & Eating (~15 minutes): Our snack last night was a bit more labor-intensive compared to previous snack offerings. Per Alyssa's request, we had fruit smoothies! So, we set up a nice system in order to make them all in an orderly (and clean) fashion. First, we poured 1/2 cup of orange juice into smoothie containers. Next, the girls selected 1 cup of various kinds of frozen fruits. Then, they added 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt to the fruit and juice. Lastly, they got to blend their smoothies themselves and enjoy! It was fun and delicious if I do say so myself!

To close out the meeting, we had the girls select what snack they would like to have at our next meeting. It's going to be a bit more tricky I think... They would like to incorporate either sweet corn or sweet potatoes into their snack. Yum!

As you can see, the meeting went very well yet again! We're almost done with our badge requirements, just one more to go. I think the last requirement will be the most fun - it teaches how nutrition can affect our energy levels - we will see what fun activities we can come up with!

Check back again soon!

- Cass

PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 4

Let's Eat!

Last night was our fourth troop meeting at the PAN-CRC. It's hard to believe it's been 8 weeks since Brooke & I started our troop... time flies! We're having so much fun getting to know the girls though! Last night we began working towards our first GS badge: Eating for Beauty. This is a great badge to incorporate 'Our Troop Wellness Goals' from the GS Wellness project, specifically healthy snacking and eating. Also, we decided to break down the necessary badge requirements and activities into three separate meetings. So, yesterday we started with Step #1 (total of 5) of the badge requirements. Here is what last night looked like: 

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~5-10 minutes before meeting began): As the girls started to arrive, I kept them entertained by sitting on the stability balls and talking about how their weeks are going. We also discussed a few birthday parties coming up! Oh, those were the days...

- Opening (~5 minutes): We started our troop meeting by reciting the Girl Scout Law & Promise as we always do. Next, we discussed what we would be doing during that night's meeting, as well as how our badge requirements would be broken up into the next few meetings. 

- Girl Scout Badge Activity (~25 minutes): Next began the bulk of our meeting: working towards the Eating for Beauty badge. We first talked about why eating healthy is good for our bodies, as well as discussed the 'Choose My Plate' information (see link). Next, we had the girls fill out the dietary recommendations for each food group category using their own workbooks. Lastly, we had the girls write down what they ate the entire day, and had them compare this to the recommendations to see if they were adequately meeting them. Along the way, we discussed things like: classifying certain foods in each category (everyone struggled with what a potato is), how much is a serving size, and what are some ways they could improve their eating habits. 

- Fruits & Vegetables Concentration Game (~10 minutes): In order to get the girls to think even harder about healthy foods, we decided to play a concentration game. Here's how it works: Have the girls form a large circle. Start by having the first person hold a ball (or stability ball in our case) and pick a category of food (we started with fruits). So, the first person begins by saying this phrase, "A fruit I like to eat apple!". Next, they pass the ball to another person in the group. Now, it's that person's turn to say a different fruit of their choice. Continue passing the ball and saying all types of fruits. If you repeat a fruit that has already been named, you're out! Continue playing until the last person standing is the WINNER! Next, pick a new category, like vegetables, and have some fun!

- Healthy Snack Eating (~5 minutes): Per last meeting's request by the girls, our snack of the night incorporated oranges! We made small fruit salad cups for the girls with: mandarin oranges, sliced bananas, and chopped apples. Below is a picture - sorry it is hard to see... Alyssa enjoyed her snack so much it was too fast for Brooke to get a better picture! 

- Physical Activity (~15 minutes): The girls decided on exercises using stability balls for the physical activity of the week. We selected three girls to choose an exercise and teach them to the group. The picture below was taken right after we did the 'Body Arch' stretch. 

- Closing (~2 minutes): We ended our meeting by having two new girls select our next meeting's snack and physical activity. We wished the girls well and told them to enjoy their Spring Break next week. Then, we sent them on their way! 

Another meeting, another opportunity for not only fun activities, but also learning about the importance of healthy living. 

Check back in again after Spring Break!

- Cassie

PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 3


Last night was meeting number three for the PAN-CRC Troop! Third time is a charm right? We managed to get quite a lot of things done in our meeting this week in the short amount of time we have with the girls. The general topic of our meeting last night was: WATER! So all of our activities were water related, with the exception of our exercise of course! Here is the schedule of what we did:

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~5-10 minutes before meeting began): As the girls arrived in the lab, we had some stretching time using the large stability balls we have available in our exercise room. The girls spent most of this time sharing stories of what was going on in their day-to-day lives. 

- Opening (~5 minutes): Officially started the meeting by stating the Girl Scout Law & Promise. Most of us did a great job from our last meeting (I may need some additional work...)! Next, we talked about what the meeting would look like for the night, as well as what activities and exercise we would be doing. 

- Girl Scout Patch Activity (~25 minutes): Our troop is working towards their first patch! We decided to have the girls work on the University of Arizona's Water Conservation Patch. For the activity, the girls first performed a short survey to see where they could potentially reduce their water usage and wastefulness. Then, the girls chose three water conservation goals to do for 7 days. Next, they each drew a picture of themselves performing the goal (Yay Crafts!). If they complete all the steps, then they will earn a badge! Here's a picture of them hard at work...

- Water Conservation Activity + Healthy Snack (~10 minutes): In keeping with our theme of conserving water (and promoting the GS Wellness Goals), we decided to purchase water bottles for all the girls to have during our meetings. Along with this, we decided to do a flavored water taste-testing session. Colby & I spent most of the pre-meeting time cutting up fresh strawberries, lemons, and kiwis for the girls to put in their water. For our snack, we served additional fruit for the girls to munch on. I think the water bottles were a hit, what do you think?!?

- Physical Activity (~10-15 minutes): To close out our meeting we had our physical activity of the night. The request of the week was: YOGA! Thankfully, one of our PAN-CRC graduate assistants, Steph, graciously offered to help out! We started out performing some breathing techniques, moved into upward and downward dog poses and variations, and finished with some warrior poses. I think the girls were surprised how difficult yoga actually is, but we had a lot of fun anyways! Here is our warrior one poses...

- Closing ( ~5 minutes): We ended our meeting by having two new girls choose our physical activity and snack for the next meeting. 

It was another great meeting! Thanks again to Colby and Stephanie for helping out! Check back with our blog soon!

- Cass

If you're interested in doing the same Water Conservation patch as we did in our meeting, click HERE

PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 2

Crafts & More Crafts!

Our second meeting was last night and the general theme of the meeting was CRAFTS! Since our troop is a combination of girls who have, and have not, been in Girl Scouts before - we thought it would be a good for them to learn the Girl Scout Law & Promise so that we can recite them at the beginning of each of our meetings. We taught both the promise and the law to the girls, and then had two separate crafts for them to do that incorporated both. Here is a schedule of our meeting: 

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~ 5-10 minutes before meeting began): As the girls started to arrive, I thought it would be fun to introduce them to the Hand Game. It's a great time filler! Here is a link to a YouTube video in how to play the 'Hand Game'

- Opening (~ 5 minutes): Started the meeting by welcoming a new member and reintroducing everyone. Brooke then collected cookie forms and we dicussed what we would be doing throughout the meeting. 

- Learning the Girl Scout Promise & Law (~ 25 minutes): We introduced the girls to both the GS Law and Promise. Then we had them recite them both aloud. Next, came the crafts! For the Girl Scout Law, we had each girl decorate a page that had one line of the Law on each. Our goal is to hang each page in order on the wall of our meeting room. Here's a picture of them hard at work...


For the Girl Scout Promise, we made bookmarks for the girls to decorate and take home with them. We placed the following image on very bright colored paper and punched a hole in the corner. Then each girl chose what type of ribbon they would like strung through the hole. 

- Healthy Snack (~ 10 minutes): Next came preparing and enjoying our healthy snack! We decided to focus on a vegetable this week, so we had the girls prepare 'Ants on a Log'. They cut celery into sticks, topped each with peanut butter, then placed raisins and/or granola on top of each piece. 

- Physical Activity (~10 minutes): This was definetly my favorite part of the meeting this week! Since we have so many options of great equipment to use at the PAN, Brooke and I decided to teach the girls some basic step aerobic moves, as well as some more active and difficult ones. Things got pretty intense - but it was SO much fun! Even Colby joined in... 

- Closing (~ 5 minutes): We ended our meeting by having the girls discuss what activity and snacks they would like to incorporate at our next meeting. The consensus was: learning Yoga, and trying a snack with kiwi! We will see what we can do to make that happen! Lastly, we sang our friendship circle song and sent them on their way. 

Overall, it was a very fun meeting! Check back soon!

- Cass

P.S. If you would like to make your own Girl Scout Promise bookmarks, click HERE for the template we used. 


PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 1

Well, the first PAN-CRC troop meeting was a complete success! We were very excited to finally get our meetings going, and it was great to see all our hard work put together. The girls had a lot of fun! Here is a bit of a schedule of our first meeting, as well as what activities we did...

- Welcome & Ice-Breaker Activity (~10 minutes): We began by having the girls stand and form a large circle. Next, we passed a stability ball to the girls and whoever had the ball answered some ice-breaker style questions so that we could get to know each other better. (P.S. We asked each girl what their favorite fruits and vegetables are, of course!)

- Introduction to Girl Scouting (~15 minutes): Next, we had the girls and leaders sit in a circle, and we discussed what type of Girl Scout activities they would like to do throughout the year. We also discussed how our meetings would look and what types of things we would do in each meeting. Next, we asked them what physical activities, or exercise they like to participate in, and what ones they might like to learn. The most popular answers to all these questions were: doing crafts, going on hiking and outdoor adventures, learning yoga, and dancing!

- Healthy Snack Preparation & Eating (~15 minutes): Then the girls prepared their own healthy snacks: fruit and yogurt parfaits! Each girl had a responsbility in preparing the snack. Two girls placed yogurt at the bottom of each cup, two cut strawberries and layered them on the yogurt, two placed bluberries in each parfait, and one topped each with granola. Here's a picture of how awesome they turned out: 

- Physical Activity Game (~15 minutes): This was definitely the most fun part of the meeting! First, we had the girls get into pairs and we started some music! Next, each pair was given a balloon. The object of the game was to keep the balloon in the air between each other and not let it hit the ground. As they got even better, we would give the girls instructions to make the game harder and more active. For example, they could use everything on their body EXCEPT their hands, or hop on one foot and you can only use one hand. It got pretty crazy! Then we got together in a larger group and tried to keep all four balloons in the air between all of us. 

- Closing the Meeting (~5 minutes): Lastly, we sang a Girl Scout friendship song and discussed when our next meeting would be. Our next meeting will kick-off more Girl Scout activities. 

All in all, the meeting went very well. It was great to finally meet all the girls. Also, a special thanks to Colby & Aubrey (and Emily) for helping out at the meeting.

Can't wait for the next one!

- Cass