PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 1

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Here’s a wonderful welcome back to everyone for this year of the PAN-CRC Girl Scouts Troop! Cass did a lovely job starting up the blog for the troop last year, and has since graduated from Kansas State University. My name is Madi and am a current dietetics student at KSU, and I have the extreme pleasure of filling you all in on the happenings of the troop for the year! I think the night made for a very strong start with a firm, and fun, foundation. Here’s a peek . . .

Pre-Meeting Activity – The chore of setting up the activity station was turned into a dance session thanks to music!

Opening – Since this was the first meeting of the year, all the girls introduced their lovely selves, and passed around a yoga ball while talking about the most exciting and favorite parts of the year prior to this fall. The Girl Scouts Promise & Law were also recited . . .

Girl Scout Promise:

On my honor, I will try:

To serve God and my Country,

To help people at all times,

And to live by the Girl Scout Law.


Girl Scout Law:

I will do my best to be

Honest and fair,

Friendly and helpful,

Considerate and caring,

Courageous and strong, and

Responsible for what I say and do,

And to

Respect myself and others,

Respect authority,

Use resources wisely,

Make the world a better place, and

Be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Troop Initiation – Two of the great things the Girl Scouts teach is self-advocacy and participation. To instill these principles early in the year, the girls wrote on a dry-erase board to set troop rules and respect guidelines.

aMAZE! Journey & Appreciation Cards – This meeting, the girls took turns “popcorn” reading through the introduction of this book on the twists and turns of relationships and getting along. While working through this book, the girls started working towards earning the Interact Award by making appreciation cards.


1.     Each girl should create and decorate 3 notecards to describe how they feel when someone expresses their appreciation for something the girl has done. The girls then share what thoughts they had and what they wrote.

2.     Once the cards are decorated and written, instruct the girls to think of 3 people they should give 1 of their cards to. They will then write a message to the people they selected, expressing why they value their friendship.

3.     Tell the girls to deliver the cards to the 3 people they chose after the meeting.

Here’s a close-up of the lovely ladies and their handiwork!



Physical Activity – Time to head outdoors for some bonding time and get that body moving! All the girls paired up and walked while talking about what they value in their friendships and how they try to be a good friend. After the walk, we did came back together as a group to do a stretching circle, and the girls shared ideas on how to incorporate positivity into friendships and other relationships during the coming week.

Healthy Snack – After all the fun chats and physical activity, it was time to re-fuel by tasting the rainbow! The girls made fruit kabobs with chopped fruit and wooden skewers.

Ready to assemble with kiwi slices, banana slices, mandarin oranges, grapes, strawberries, and blueberries . . .



They could make a fun pattern, or slide on their favorites!



Nutritious and delicious!

Troop Closing – To round out this lovely evening of friendship and fruit, the girls sang the “Make New Friends” song. You can find the link to this song here for lyrics and the sheet music! The troop also geared up for the next meeting in 2 weeks by deciding that the next snack would involve cucumbers and would enjoy some relay races for the next physical activity!

Thanks again to all the readers joining us for this first blog post of the year! I look forward to checking in with you all next time, and keeping you posted on all the “aMAZE” activities and opportunities the girls get in to!

Stay Friendly!

- Madi