PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 8


Can you believe this was our second-to-last GS meeting of the year!? It's gone by way too fast. At our last meeting, we had the girls do a scavenger hunt in preparation for our main activity last night: Geocaching! (For those of you who unaware of what geocaching is, check out this helpful link).  The girls did VERY well working together to find all six geocaches that Brooke created. Here is the schedule of our meeting...

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~5 minutes): It was absolutely beautiful in Manhattan last night! We met the girls outside the lab where we snapped a few pictures before beginning our meeting. 

- Opening (~5 minutes): Started our meeting by discussing how our geocaching adventure would go. We also taught them how to control the app on Brooke's phone and told them they must all work together to find the items. Also, for every geocache, a different person must act as the main navigator. 

- Geocaching (~30 minutes): And... they were off! It took a few minutes for them to get the hang of it, but after finding the first couple - they did a wonderful job! Here is a few pictures of them in action...

- Physical Activity (~15 minutes): Last meeting, the girls decided they would like to learn how to do Zumba! Unfortunately, neither Brooke nor I are Zumba enthusiasts. So naturally, we consulted the fitness expert of the PAN-CRC, Steph! She started by walking the girls through various dance steps so that they could learn them before adding any music. Next, they combined the dance moves with some fun music, and the rest is history. For now, here is a picture of them getting ready to start dancing. Stay tuned for a video!

- Healthy Snack (~10 minutes): While the girls were dancing away, the other leaders prepared the healthy snack of the night. Last meeting, the girls mentioned they would like to incorporate pineapple for the snack. So, we decided on creating 'pineapple-whip'. Here is the basic recipe for pineapple whip: First, start by adding 2 cups of frozen pineapple to a blender. Next, add 1 cup of pineapple juice. Blend until smooth. Then, add a couple cups of thawed cool-whip and a tablespoon of honey to the mixture. Blend until well combined and the consistency resembles frozen yogurt. Enjoy!

While the girls enjoyed their snack, we recited the Girl Scout Law & Promise. Next, we discussed our last meeting in two weeks, and then sent the girls on their way...

This was definitely one of our most fun meetings of the semester! The girls really enjoyed all the activities, and as an added bonus - they were up and moving the entire time! Also, a special thanks to Stephanie again for helping us out with the physical activity! 

Check back in with our blog again in two weeks!

- Cass