PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 9

Flowers & Fruit!

Well, I am sad to say that last night was our final GS troop meeting of the school year. I cannot believe how fast this spring flew by... Given that it was our last meeting before summer months, Brooke & I really wanted to make the meeting both fun and interactive. We decided on several hands-on activities for the girls. Here is what we did last night...

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~5-10 minutes): We met the girls outside and went for a short walk and talk. This activity is a great way to incorporate physical activity into meetings, without cutting into the actual meeting time.

- Opening (~2 minutes): We walked upstairs to the PAN-CRC meeting room and recited the GS Law & Promise one last time. Next, we discussed all the activities we would be doing in our meeting. 

- GS Craft (~25 minutes): Now for the fun part! For one of our main activities of the evening, we decorated pots and planted individual flowers in them. That way, the girls can watch them grow all summer! For the crafts, we purchased small mason jars and had the girls decorate their own jar using permanent markers. Next, we placed a small amount of soil in the jars. Then, the girls selected their flower and placed more soil around the flower. Finally, they added a little bit of water to their jars. Here is a picture of them hard at work...

AND, here is how they turned out...

Beautiful, am I right!?

- Healthy Snack (~20 minutes): After having the girls thoroughly wash their hands from our craft, we moved on to preparing our final snack. We decided to make a special treat, but we made sure to incorporate either fruits or vegetables. Thus, Fruit Pizza!

Here is how we made the fruit pizza... First, bake a store bought sugar cookie mix according to the box instructions. You'll want to bake this on a round cookie sheet (like a pizza crust!). Next, spread an even layer of cream cheese frosting (8 oz cream cheese, 1/3 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla) onto the cooled cookie. Then, have the girls slice some kiwis and strawberries. Next, start decorating your cookie with kiwis, strawberries, and blueberries (or whatever kind of fruit you prefer). Finally, slice the cookie as though you would a pizza. Here is a picture of the final product...

They did a great job and it was absolutely wonderful! Perhaps, one of my favorite snacks all year! While the girls enjoyed their snack, we talked about their plans for the summer. The meeting went by so fast, before we knew it - it was time to send them all on their way! 



It feels like such a short time ago when Brooke & I thought of the idea to start our own GS troop - but I know we are both very pleased with how our meetings went this year. The girls had numerous opportunities to learn new physical activities, as well as learn how to prepare (and enjoy) healthy snacks - all while participating in the usual scouting activities. And we as leaders, got the opportunity to teach and interact with a very FUN group of young ladies. All in all, a successful scouting year!

This summer we will all begin new chapters of our lives... The girls will enter a new grade or even a new school, Colby is moving to Florida to attend school, Emily is getting married, Brooke & Charley are welcoming a new addition to their family, and I will be graduating and (fingers crossed) starting my career. But, the PAN-CRC Troop will be back at it come next school year! So, check back in with our blog soon... I know I look forward to reading all about their adventures! 

One final thanks to all who have helped with our troop meetings this year!

- Cass