PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 6

Food for Fuel!

Troop meeting number six has come and gone. The meetings seem to fly by, but I suppose it's because we are having so much fun as a troop! Last night our meeting activities were based on the 'Eating for Beauty' badge again. We focused on the fifth and final requirement to earn the badge: "How Nutrition and What We Eat Affects Our Energy". To teach all the information, Brooke and I really tried to incorporate interactive activities. Here is what we did in our meeting...

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~5-10 minutes before our meeting began): We met the girls outside again this week to take advantage of the warm weather. The 30-40 mph winds on the other hand was not very fun... Despite that, the girls had a nice time chatting with each other before the meeting officially began. 

- Physical Activity Interactive Learning Game (~15 minutes): For our physical activity of the night, we started by playing a game called, "Go, Slow, Whoa". I first started by discussing how certain foods affect our energy levels after we eat them. For example, french fries and other fatty foods may make us feel tired and sluggish - and fresh fruit may make us feel energized and ready to go! Then, we discussed classifying foods as either "Go, Slow, or Whoa". Go = high energy, good for us foods! Slow = middle of the line, consume these moderately. Whoa = pretty bad for us, consume these minimally. Next, came explaining how to play the game... First, I would shout out both an activity (i.e. jogging) and a food (i.e. bananas). Their job was to think about what kind of food this is (Go, Slow, or Whoa) - and then perform the associated activity. Here is how the previous example would look... Bananas and Jogging! If the girls thought it was Go, they would jog a long distance. If they thought it was Slow, maybe they performed a very slow jog for a short distance. Finally, if they thought it was Whoa, they didn't move at all.

Here is a picture, I think this activity was jumping jacks!

- Opening (~2 minutes): After our activity, we walked upstairs to the lab and recited the Girl Scout Law & Promise. 

- Girl Scout Activity (~15 minutes): Next, we discussed how sugar in the foods we eat can affect our energy levels. Also, we talked about what their daily recommendation for sugar consumption is. We used sugar cubes so that the girls could visualize the actual amount. After that, we played a game called "Guess the Sugar Content". First, we formed two groups of girls. Then, Brooke would show a picture of a food, or beverage, to both groups, and they would discuss in their groups how much sugar is in each item. Next, they had to represent how much sugar their group thought was in the food with sugar cubes. The group that was closest to the actual amount won the round! Here is a couple pictures of them hard at work...

Following the game, we talked about how much sugar they think they actually consume in a day and how they could improve upon their sugar consumption. I also asked them what the most surprising food or beverage was. They could not believe there is approximately 21-22 teaspoons of sugar in a Medium DQ Blizzard! That's practically double the amount of sugar that is recommended for girls their age!

Here is a picture of 28 teaspoons of sugar for reference:

- Healthy Snack Preparation & Eating (~15 minutes): Last week the girls decided on incorporating either sweet potatoes or sweet corn into their snack for this meeting. Brooke and I decided to try and use sweet corn, so we came up with having the girls make corn and black bean salsa. Here's how the girls made the snack: Pour 2 cans of canned tomatoes with green chiles into a bowl. Next, drain and rinse 1/2 of a can of black beans and add it to the tomatoes. Drain 1 can of sweet corn and add it to the mixture. Next, chop 1/2 of a medium white onion and add to the bowl. Finally, add 2 tablespoons of lime juice, and stir to combine. Serve with tortilla chips. Here is the final product...

The girls absolutely loved the snack! It was definitely one of their favorites. 

- 'Team Building' Activity (~10 minutes): To close out our meeting this week, we decided to do a fun group building/bonding activity. The activity is based on improving non-verbal communication within the group. I must say, it was so much fun! 

- Closing (~2 minutes): We closed out our meeting by singing the friendship song and deciding on our snacks and activities for our next meeting. The girls chose: weightlifting and apples with a fruit dip. 

It was another great meeting! The girls were excited that we finished all the requirements for our first badge, and we look forward to our next activities. Stay tuned for more updates from the PAN-CRC Troop!

- Cass