PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 4

Let's Eat!

Last night was our fourth troop meeting at the PAN-CRC. It's hard to believe it's been 8 weeks since Brooke & I started our troop... time flies! We're having so much fun getting to know the girls though! Last night we began working towards our first GS badge: Eating for Beauty. This is a great badge to incorporate 'Our Troop Wellness Goals' from the GS Wellness project, specifically healthy snacking and eating. Also, we decided to break down the necessary badge requirements and activities into three separate meetings. So, yesterday we started with Step #1 (total of 5) of the badge requirements. Here is what last night looked like: 

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~5-10 minutes before meeting began): As the girls started to arrive, I kept them entertained by sitting on the stability balls and talking about how their weeks are going. We also discussed a few birthday parties coming up! Oh, those were the days...

- Opening (~5 minutes): We started our troop meeting by reciting the Girl Scout Law & Promise as we always do. Next, we discussed what we would be doing during that night's meeting, as well as how our badge requirements would be broken up into the next few meetings. 

- Girl Scout Badge Activity (~25 minutes): Next began the bulk of our meeting: working towards the Eating for Beauty badge. We first talked about why eating healthy is good for our bodies, as well as discussed the 'Choose My Plate' information (see link). Next, we had the girls fill out the dietary recommendations for each food group category using their own workbooks. Lastly, we had the girls write down what they ate the entire day, and had them compare this to the recommendations to see if they were adequately meeting them. Along the way, we discussed things like: classifying certain foods in each category (everyone struggled with what a potato is), how much is a serving size, and what are some ways they could improve their eating habits. 

- Fruits & Vegetables Concentration Game (~10 minutes): In order to get the girls to think even harder about healthy foods, we decided to play a concentration game. Here's how it works: Have the girls form a large circle. Start by having the first person hold a ball (or stability ball in our case) and pick a category of food (we started with fruits). So, the first person begins by saying this phrase, "A fruit I like to eat apple!". Next, they pass the ball to another person in the group. Now, it's that person's turn to say a different fruit of their choice. Continue passing the ball and saying all types of fruits. If you repeat a fruit that has already been named, you're out! Continue playing until the last person standing is the WINNER! Next, pick a new category, like vegetables, and have some fun!

- Healthy Snack Eating (~5 minutes): Per last meeting's request by the girls, our snack of the night incorporated oranges! We made small fruit salad cups for the girls with: mandarin oranges, sliced bananas, and chopped apples. Below is a picture - sorry it is hard to see... Alyssa enjoyed her snack so much it was too fast for Brooke to get a better picture! 

- Physical Activity (~15 minutes): The girls decided on exercises using stability balls for the physical activity of the week. We selected three girls to choose an exercise and teach them to the group. The picture below was taken right after we did the 'Body Arch' stretch. 

- Closing (~2 minutes): We ended our meeting by having two new girls select our next meeting's snack and physical activity. We wished the girls well and told them to enjoy their Spring Break next week. Then, we sent them on their way! 

Another meeting, another opportunity for not only fun activities, but also learning about the importance of healthy living. 

Check back in again after Spring Break!

- Cassie