PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 5

Eating for Beauty...Round 2!

Well, our fifth GS meeting was last night! It was nice to see all the girls again after a relaxing Spring Break. As you may remember, our troop is working towards their 'Eating for Beauty' badge and yesterday was the second of three meetings focusing on the badge requirements. Also, last night's meeting was a bit different than our usual schedule. We decided to change things up a bit and take advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having in Manhattan. Here is what we did in our meeting:

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~5-10 minutes before meeting began): Brooke, Colby, and I headed outdoors pretty early last night and met the girls outside. Prior to the meeting, most girls enjoyed dancing and catching up with each other following the break. Also, a few brave girls did some pretty awesome cartwheels while we waited for others to arrive. 

- Physical Activity (~15 minutes): To change things up, we decided to start our meeting entirely outside and that began with doing our physical activity! First, we played a fun game that Dr. Rosenkranz taught us at one of our lab meetings. Think 'Symon Says' - but a bit more fun. Next, we had a 'walk and talk'. For the 'walk and talk', we had the girls get into pairs with another scout (one who they don't often talk to, or work with). Then, we went on a short walk and had them talk with their partner. This is a great way to incorporate sharing time and physical activity into meetings!

- Opening (~2 minutes): After our physical activity, we walked back upstairs to the lab and quickly recited the Girl Scout Law & Promise. 

- Girl Scout Activity (~30 minutes): Next came the biggest portion of our meeting: working on the Eating for Beauty badge requirements. Last night, we decided to do 3 of the 5 requirements for the badge. In order to do so, we first splint into two small groups by age. Then, we had the girls do their own research on the topics of the night. The older group's responsibilities were to research ways in which our diet and what we eat can affect our stress levels, and sleeping patterns. The younger group's responsibility was to find ways that nutrition can affect our skin. Brooke and I thought having the girls do their own research would be a good way to make the meeting more 'Girl Led'. After all their research was done, we all got together and had both groups present their findings to the whole troop. At the end of the presentations, Colby asked a great question to the girls about what type of foods did every topic mention. The answer? FRUITS & VEGETABLES! 

However, the best part about working with my group - was how many ways we tried to pronounce the word, tryptophan. :-)

- Healthy Snack Preparation & Eating (~15 minutes): Our snack last night was a bit more labor-intensive compared to previous snack offerings. Per Alyssa's request, we had fruit smoothies! So, we set up a nice system in order to make them all in an orderly (and clean) fashion. First, we poured 1/2 cup of orange juice into smoothie containers. Next, the girls selected 1 cup of various kinds of frozen fruits. Then, they added 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt to the fruit and juice. Lastly, they got to blend their smoothies themselves and enjoy! It was fun and delicious if I do say so myself!

To close out the meeting, we had the girls select what snack they would like to have at our next meeting. It's going to be a bit more tricky I think... They would like to incorporate either sweet corn or sweet potatoes into their snack. Yum!

As you can see, the meeting went very well yet again! We're almost done with our badge requirements, just one more to go. I think the last requirement will be the most fun - it teaches how nutrition can affect our energy levels - we will see what fun activities we can come up with!

Check back again soon!

- Cass