PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 3


Last night was meeting number three for the PAN-CRC Troop! Third time is a charm right? We managed to get quite a lot of things done in our meeting this week in the short amount of time we have with the girls. The general topic of our meeting last night was: WATER! So all of our activities were water related, with the exception of our exercise of course! Here is the schedule of what we did:

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~5-10 minutes before meeting began): As the girls arrived in the lab, we had some stretching time using the large stability balls we have available in our exercise room. The girls spent most of this time sharing stories of what was going on in their day-to-day lives. 

- Opening (~5 minutes): Officially started the meeting by stating the Girl Scout Law & Promise. Most of us did a great job from our last meeting (I may need some additional work...)! Next, we talked about what the meeting would look like for the night, as well as what activities and exercise we would be doing. 

- Girl Scout Patch Activity (~25 minutes): Our troop is working towards their first patch! We decided to have the girls work on the University of Arizona's Water Conservation Patch. For the activity, the girls first performed a short survey to see where they could potentially reduce their water usage and wastefulness. Then, the girls chose three water conservation goals to do for 7 days. Next, they each drew a picture of themselves performing the goal (Yay Crafts!). If they complete all the steps, then they will earn a badge! Here's a picture of them hard at work...

- Water Conservation Activity + Healthy Snack (~10 minutes): In keeping with our theme of conserving water (and promoting the GS Wellness Goals), we decided to purchase water bottles for all the girls to have during our meetings. Along with this, we decided to do a flavored water taste-testing session. Colby & I spent most of the pre-meeting time cutting up fresh strawberries, lemons, and kiwis for the girls to put in their water. For our snack, we served additional fruit for the girls to munch on. I think the water bottles were a hit, what do you think?!?

- Physical Activity (~10-15 minutes): To close out our meeting we had our physical activity of the night. The request of the week was: YOGA! Thankfully, one of our PAN-CRC graduate assistants, Steph, graciously offered to help out! We started out performing some breathing techniques, moved into upward and downward dog poses and variations, and finished with some warrior poses. I think the girls were surprised how difficult yoga actually is, but we had a lot of fun anyways! Here is our warrior one poses...

- Closing ( ~5 minutes): We ended our meeting by having two new girls choose our physical activity and snack for the next meeting. 

It was another great meeting! Thanks again to Colby and Stephanie for helping out! Check back with our blog soon!

- Cass

If you're interested in doing the same Water Conservation patch as we did in our meeting, click HERE