PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 2

Crafts & More Crafts!

Our second meeting was last night and the general theme of the meeting was CRAFTS! Since our troop is a combination of girls who have, and have not, been in Girl Scouts before - we thought it would be a good for them to learn the Girl Scout Law & Promise so that we can recite them at the beginning of each of our meetings. We taught both the promise and the law to the girls, and then had two separate crafts for them to do that incorporated both. Here is a schedule of our meeting: 

- Pre-Meeting Activity (~ 5-10 minutes before meeting began): As the girls started to arrive, I thought it would be fun to introduce them to the Hand Game. It's a great time filler! Here is a link to a YouTube video in how to play the 'Hand Game'

- Opening (~ 5 minutes): Started the meeting by welcoming a new member and reintroducing everyone. Brooke then collected cookie forms and we dicussed what we would be doing throughout the meeting. 

- Learning the Girl Scout Promise & Law (~ 25 minutes): We introduced the girls to both the GS Law and Promise. Then we had them recite them both aloud. Next, came the crafts! For the Girl Scout Law, we had each girl decorate a page that had one line of the Law on each. Our goal is to hang each page in order on the wall of our meeting room. Here's a picture of them hard at work...


For the Girl Scout Promise, we made bookmarks for the girls to decorate and take home with them. We placed the following image on very bright colored paper and punched a hole in the corner. Then each girl chose what type of ribbon they would like strung through the hole. 

- Healthy Snack (~ 10 minutes): Next came preparing and enjoying our healthy snack! We decided to focus on a vegetable this week, so we had the girls prepare 'Ants on a Log'. They cut celery into sticks, topped each with peanut butter, then placed raisins and/or granola on top of each piece. 

- Physical Activity (~10 minutes): This was definetly my favorite part of the meeting this week! Since we have so many options of great equipment to use at the PAN, Brooke and I decided to teach the girls some basic step aerobic moves, as well as some more active and difficult ones. Things got pretty intense - but it was SO much fun! Even Colby joined in... 

- Closing (~ 5 minutes): We ended our meeting by having the girls discuss what activity and snacks they would like to incorporate at our next meeting. The consensus was: learning Yoga, and trying a snack with kiwi! We will see what we can do to make that happen! Lastly, we sang our friendship circle song and sent them on their way. 

Overall, it was a very fun meeting! Check back soon!

- Cass

P.S. If you would like to make your own Girl Scout Promise bookmarks, click HERE for the template we used.