PAN-CRC Troop Meeting No. 1

Well, the first PAN-CRC troop meeting was a complete success! We were very excited to finally get our meetings going, and it was great to see all our hard work put together. The girls had a lot of fun! Here is a bit of a schedule of our first meeting, as well as what activities we did...

- Welcome & Ice-Breaker Activity (~10 minutes): We began by having the girls stand and form a large circle. Next, we passed a stability ball to the girls and whoever had the ball answered some ice-breaker style questions so that we could get to know each other better. (P.S. We asked each girl what their favorite fruits and vegetables are, of course!)

- Introduction to Girl Scouting (~15 minutes): Next, we had the girls and leaders sit in a circle, and we discussed what type of Girl Scout activities they would like to do throughout the year. We also discussed how our meetings would look and what types of things we would do in each meeting. Next, we asked them what physical activities, or exercise they like to participate in, and what ones they might like to learn. The most popular answers to all these questions were: doing crafts, going on hiking and outdoor adventures, learning yoga, and dancing!

- Healthy Snack Preparation & Eating (~15 minutes): Then the girls prepared their own healthy snacks: fruit and yogurt parfaits! Each girl had a responsbility in preparing the snack. Two girls placed yogurt at the bottom of each cup, two cut strawberries and layered them on the yogurt, two placed bluberries in each parfait, and one topped each with granola. Here's a picture of how awesome they turned out: 

- Physical Activity Game (~15 minutes): This was definitely the most fun part of the meeting! First, we had the girls get into pairs and we started some music! Next, each pair was given a balloon. The object of the game was to keep the balloon in the air between each other and not let it hit the ground. As they got even better, we would give the girls instructions to make the game harder and more active. For example, they could use everything on their body EXCEPT their hands, or hop on one foot and you can only use one hand. It got pretty crazy! Then we got together in a larger group and tried to keep all four balloons in the air between all of us. 

- Closing the Meeting (~5 minutes): Lastly, we sang a Girl Scout friendship song and discussed when our next meeting would be. Our next meeting will kick-off more Girl Scout activities. 

All in all, the meeting went very well. It was great to finally meet all the girls. Also, a special thanks to Colby & Aubrey (and Emily) for helping out at the meeting.

Can't wait for the next one!

- Cass