Wellness Promotion Ideas & Helpful Hints

Our wellness team has put together additional resources for promoting wellness and healthy living habits for your troop meetings. On this page, you'll find information about how to encourage water as a healthy beverage option, ways to limit your troop's sitting time, and also how to promote non-digital connections during meeting times. 



Sitting too long can lead to negative health outcomes in children. Allowing girls to simply stand up and have sitting breaks can lead to less distractions and more focus overall in your troop meetings. Try to encourage your girls to have movement in your meetings so that they may feel more in-control, and less like sitting in school. Here are some sedentary break ideas...

  1. Yoga & Stretching
  2. Standing around tables as opposed to sitting
  3. Walk & Talk breaks
  4. Dancing 
  5. Games


Consider the following videos as a fun way to break up sitting time during your troop meetings. 

A fun sedentary break encorporating dance!

What a good way to learn the names of the girls in your troop!


Sugar-sweetened beverages such as juice, soda, and sports drinks, are the number one source of added sugars in chldrens' diets. Furthermore, these beverages are associated with obesity and diabetes in kids. As opposed to sugar-sweetened beverages, water is calorie-free and low cost. Try to encourage your girls to drink more water at your troop meetings, here are a few ideas in how to do so... 


Have your girls create their own GS Troop water bottles! Encourage the girls to bring them filled with water to each meeting. 

Have a pitcher of water and glasses available at your meetings. 

Make fruit-infused water! 


Promoting non-digital connections

Children today are spending more and more time on their electronic devices and less time interacting with their fellow peers. This means less time is also spent focusing on what is going on during Girl Scout troop meetings. Troop leaders and parents can help to stimulate girls' minds, build relationships among girls, and promote social connections. Here are some ideas to promote non-digital communication...

  1. Having a sharing circle. Designate a time during your meetings where the girls can share thoughts and ideas on a topic of your (or their) choosing. 
  2. Have a special place where girls can leave their cellphones during the meeting.